Team Based Entrepreneurship Invenio Model

As Invenio Group moves forward to grow it is becoming obvious that we are not the only young entrepreneurs interested in a revamped model for success. It appears school such as Arizona State, Brown, and Stanford are also housing student models that call for team based entrepreneurship. It is interesting to note that on our isolated campuses these projects seem to be independently popping up everywhere. I find it hard to believe this is any sort of coincidence, and look forward to seeing how our generation can advance the concept of collaborative success. Here are the critical points I believe groups attempting to replicate the Invenio model will face.

  • Building personal success.

This includes finding people who posses the skills to operate a business, and more importantly to facilitate initial business successes before the connection to college is outdated.

  • Building a network

This will prove difficult as developing an approach to contacting established business people is very difficult. You can not fake gray hair, and you need to establish yourself as a serious and respectable member of the business community.

  • Providing tangible resources

In order to facilitate success, you will need to bring everything to a student entrepreneur that they can not typically access with limited financial and time resources. This means proving a full service venture development firm that includes legal, accounting, product development, and capital resources.

  • Campus Relationship

The key to the model is our connection to our own demographic. We have the ability to build a model for an audience that we live in. In this way, it is very important to gain acceptance by establishing a positive brand name that is both recognized and supported by the school. While operating as some sort of rogue enterprise may seem appealing in the beginning, it is not realistic in the long run.


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